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  INKiESS - cash point and office solutions  
Info-Form - your INKiESS partner in Norway, Sweden and Finland
Cash boxes   Cash desk installations   Coins and banknotes   Forms and vouchers   Money handling devices
Cash boxes
Basic models and combinations
  Basic models
  Cash trays
Cash transport cases and steel cash boxes
Inserts for cash drawers
Desk and counter cash boxes
EUROKORD® roll top cash boxes
Non-EURO money trays
Cash desk installations
Banknote compartments, money containers, coin roll boxes and universal money containers
  proportional system
  modular system
Coins and banknotes
Coin bowls and coin holders
Money inserts for foreign currencies
EUROKORD® - foreign money cash trays and boxes
Forms and vouchers
Filing, voucher and form compartments
Money handling devices
Money trays, transport trays, hatch boxes
Counting, sorting and checking devices
Card containers, card transport cases
Safety Box (WERTBOX)
MRP 1 Electronic Scale
UV banknote detector
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